Key Benefits of Soltron® Fuel Enzymes

The benefits of treating fossil fuel oils with Soltron® are powerful, and more significantly, have been scientifically proven.

Reduced emissions

Soltron® changes the hydrocarbon structure of fuel and its contaminants, facilitating a more complete combustion process – burning more of the available fuel. A more complete combustion process ensures a ‘cleaner’ burn. This ensures exhaust gas emissions of unrefined matter and smoke, as well as harmful greenhouse gases are significantly reduced.

Enhanced fuel quality

Soltron® stabilises fuel and acts as a natural detergent, dramatically improving fuel quality.

Reduced fuel consumption

Enhanced fuel burns more efficiently, giving increased power output and significantly improving fuel economy. The fuel savings that have been recorded over a twelve month trial automatically reduce carbon emissions by a corresponding percentage. The logic is therefore simple, if 10% fuel savings are recorded, a corresponding 10% reduction in emissions naturally follows.

‘Diesel Bug’ elimination

Soltron® ensures that engines are protected against contamination from Microbial and Bacterial bugs. These bugs reproduce in fuel tanks contaminating fuel, which in turn block filters and cause engine failure. Soltron’s® natural enzymes inhibit their growth, as well as treat existing contaminated fuel, through dissolving the bugs so that they pass through the fuel filters and are removed during combustion, ensuring a cleanup of the fuel delivery system. This is an widespread issue, exacerbated by changing fuel Sulphur levels. In recent trials, 99.92% of harmful bacteria was eliminated within a 5-day period.

Optimal engine performance

Reduced emissions equal reduced deposits build up, optimising and sustaining engine performance. Engines are designed and built with clean fuel in mind. Engine failure caused by contaminated fuel can invalidate warranties and cause extensive damage. A clean, efficient fuel burn requires less fuel to produce the desired output,  saving money in fuel economy, filters, pumps, injectors and catalytic converters. Non abrasive, it causes no damage to pipes and other internal surfaces. Due to its natural microbiological composition, use of Soltron® does not invalidate engine manufacturer’s warranties.

Optimal boiler performance

The improved combustion conditions that result from the use of Soltron® treated fuel has remarkable consequences for boiler efficiency in addition to operation and maintenance, reducing both fuel and maintenance costs. Improvements include:
• A clean fuel system with sustained good atomisation so that favourable LEA (low excess air) settings can be maintained over long periods
• Improved flame radiation conditions that promote radiative heat transfer
• Less energy losses in pre heating combustion air because of the smaller amounts of air mass necessary for LEA combustion
• Reduced deposits of particles on the heat transfer surfaces enhance energy transfer
• Reduced fireside and low temperature corrosion and a smaller risk of acid smuts problems
• Overall improvement of plant reliability and service life

Sludge formation elimination

Soltron’s® enzymes help to recover sludge in storage tanks, turning into a certified ‘enhanced’ fuel. The hydrocarbon elements found in diesel sludge are converted back into the fuel and burnt during combustion. This also eliminates the need for normal maintenance or costly and time consuming tank cleaning procedures.